What Happened to Yo Hayah?

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(What Happened to Your Hair?)

My health was failing. The long list from the doctors prompted me to work toward changing things or give up. I got my personal affairs in order, worked really hard to pay off debt; then, I began to focus my prayers even more. I began walking (about all I could do) and eating healthier (the HARDEST! I love to eat!). Had already had two breast procedures and was scheduled for a third. I thank God for my praying mother! I’m on one end praying and she’s on the other! Hallelujah! A big virtual hug to Penni Bellamy who began checking on me and was a great encourager concerning healthy eating! To Melonie Williams-Garner, who without fail, has been very dear.

My goals were to get better and to lose 100lbs. One day my friend, Prophetess Roberta Hines called me (knowing nothing) and she said, “I need to pray for you”. At the end of the prayer, she said, “You’ll never die from cancer”. No one other than those around me, (I live in FL, she lives in GA) knew that I was going back and forth to Moffitt Cancer Center as well as to other medical facilities … I was grateful and felt more resolved to work toward my goals. She even told me about the papers I drew up (My will)! #truth. She said (In that voice of hers…) “God said, it’s not time to die, it’s time to LIVE!” I can’t even begin to express how exact and sharp her gift is. I have seen somethings in my day, but never like that. A prayer warrior. I’m very grateful to have her in my life! She is one blessed gift from God. No joke! Can tell you exact words you said. I am honored to call her, “Friend”. She’s an amazing gift, to say the least!

Now, my hair loss has been one of the hardest challenges for me (from hormone deficiency and hypothyroidism) I still have bald spots, but grateful nonetheless for what I have left. The arthritis was beginning to become unbearable. I even went from 5′ 9 1/2″ to 5’8. I was shrinking! 😳 (Degenerative disc disease) So many things, that I can say today; but I’ll say this, “The Lord has heard my pleas”! Blood pressure is now stable, pre-diabetes reversed, and so much more. Glory to His name! 🙌🏾💕

I did NOT reach my weight loss goal, but I did make it halfway! 🙌🏾 When it feels like you’re not making much progress, just pull up a throw back photo! 👀Oh my! Good googlie mooglie! 😳

Here’s to continuing the journey. A healthier more vibrant me! I have a work to finish for the Lord, and He will see me through it! God is very real and very mindful of us. I don’t care that the world is becoming more evil. Those are individual human choices (choosing satan’s ways instead of God’s) Free will! NOT God’s fault! He loves us one and all. Though my journey has been riddled with “One thing after the other”, my resolve is firmer, my faith is stronger! I’m running to Him not away from Him. He really is “Everything” (my new song I heard) to me! So now, it’s time to get back to recording and releasing music! I could use your support! Smile!