Singing since she was six years old, Mariea is no stranger to the music industry, She has spent many years behind the scenes, promoting, publishing and performing music. A world traveller, she has also worked with many wonderful Christian, Gospel and Secular artist as a musician, director, speaker, consultant and singer. She has educated, tutored and mentored many students in music and in the music industry.

Mariea says, “I am a Christian female singer, songwriter! I write and produce the music I hear . . . I hear the words and the music in my dreams! There are other moments and times during the day or quiet times when the inspiration strikes, and I write down and record what I hear! It’s very exciting, and even more exciting to share the music with you!

I am a follower of Jesus. I love the Lord with all of my heart. Any music that glorifies Him, is what I love most. Smile! I believe that there’s great music in almost every genre. However, my favorites happen to be Gospel, Praise and Worship, Christian, Inspirational, Anthems, and Hymns! This is only a small part of my story. I would love to share more with you! Come again, come often and let me hear from you”!